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03.03.21 Update

Sterio & McClellan - Lightwaves now on Saturo Sounds Promo!

Chris Sterio's first collaborative single of the year, the Sterio & McClellan track 'Light Waves', is now on promo. Remixes from Downgrooves, Matt Black, Dr. Moody, Ivan James & Ranj Kaler compliment the original. Support so far from Lemon 8, DJ Samer, D-Vox, Olga Misty & GuyRo to name but a few! Chris has also recorded a guest mix for airing on Saturo Sounds Radio to coincide with the release of the track on Tuesday 23rd March.

Future Releases

Chris Sterio's second mix compilation of the year is due for release in April on Soundscapes Digital. 'Peak Atmospherics V2' features some of the best atmospheric progressive tracks and will be available available on Spotify & I-Tunes initially. Later on it will be aired on Proton Radio and available for stream on Soundcloud.

Downgrooves & Chris Sterio - Freedom is also due for release on Adnan Jakubovic's Big Bells Records in early May. Neptun 505 has now completed his remix to go with the original and a Ranj Kaler remix.

Magic Forest Update

The Chris Sterio - Magic Forest mix released on Another Life Music is now available on Soundcloud, here is the link:

I also have recorded a new You Tube video discussing the making of the Magic Forest mix:

The mix has been aired on Proton Radio 3 times and is currently 46th in the top 100 mixes chart:

Soundscapes Digital Releases

Kenshi Kamaro - Mystic Soundscapes EP out now:

Hadi Burpee - Rest Later EP on pre-order on Beatport:


For those of you currently in lockdown check out the Hadi Burpee & Chris Sterio track of the same name. Chill out vibes...

Take care and stay safe!


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