• Chris Sterio

Chris Sterio December 2020 Update

Latest releases:

Hadi Burpee & Chris Sterio - Lockdown - Soundscapes Digital

Deeper Soundscapes Volume 3 (pre-order) - Soundscapes Digital

Upcoming gigs/radio broadcasts:

Saturday 5th December - Mystic Carousel Showcase on Loops Radio - // - Progressive Channel

Saturday 5th December - Jactor Project, Falcon's Nest, Port Erin

Saturday 26th December - Proton Radio USA - Soundscapes Digtal Show - 6pm UK

Thursday 31st December - Saturo Sounds Radio

Wednesday 6th January 2021 - Electric Sense - - 5pm UK

Latest Chris Sterio radio guest mixes for streaming:

Contributions on Saturo Sounds

Tehran Eye Radio

Loops Radio Mystic Carousel Showcase

Saturo Sounds

Latest chart:

Thanks for listening and stay safe!

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