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Chris Sterio - Peak Atmospherics V2 - coming soon!

Following on from Peak Atmospherics V1 and the recent 'Magic Forest' mix, I have a new mix compilation due for release in April via Soundscapes Digital. Similar to the 'Magic Forest' mix, it will be available on Spotify, I-Tunes and latterly Soundcloud. Part of the mix will be aired on Proton Radio 24th April @ 6pm UK, 1pm EST.

The mix is just over an hour long and features some super progressive tracks from some of my favourite artists/labels at the moment. I gathered a number of tracks before coming up with the final tracklist & mix. The first Peak Atmospherics mix was composed of electronica and breaks, based, this is a 4/4 mix with metallic basslines, atmospherics synths, distorted vox and melodic arpeggios at the core.

Here is the final tracklist with artists, track name and original label included:

Kenshi Kamaro - Rays of the Central Sun - Soundscapes Digital/Another Life Music

Xiasou & Contribute Translation - Lost In Clouds - Another Life Music

Downgrooves - Foundation - Soundscapes Digital

Downgrooves & Chris Sterio - Another Dimension (Chelakhov remix) - Vesta Records

Sean McClellan - Separate Lives - Soundscapes Digital

Sean McClellan - Out Of Bounds - Saturo Sounds

Matt Black & Chris Sterio ft. Simon Latham - Future Shock (Silinder remix) - Pro B Tech

Chris Sterio & Alex Y - Different Direction (Bynomic remix) - Another Life Music

Kay-D - Helix Planet - BC2

Eric Lune - Embers (GMJ remix) - Sound Avenue

Kenshi Kamaro - Pleiades - Soundscapes Digital/Another Life Music

Release 5th April on Soundscapes Digital.

Take care and stay safe


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