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'Different Direction' remix in Mixmag Adria top 15 remixes of 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

The Adnan Jakubovic remix of Chris Sterio & Alex Y's 'Different Direction' has been named in the Mixmag Adria top 15 remixes of 2019. The chart covers all genres of dance music, so this is a fine achievement. The track was Chris' debut on Another Life Music and was released in October 2019. He is due to have collaborations with Ostinato and Sean McClellan released on the Swiss label in the next few months.

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Link to 'Different Direction' on Beatport:

In other news Chris and Downgrooves have started another collaboration as a follow up to 'Inspiration', which is due for release on Serbia's BC2 label in August. Chris has also submitted some provisional ideas to Bynomic, who runs Another Life Music, for their debut collaboration.

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