• Chris Sterio

Releases update 19/7/20


Evotone - Sunshine EP is out on my Soundscapes Digital label this Monday!

Downgrooves & Chris Sterio - Zen Moments (Adnan Jakubovic remix) has been licensed to another Bonzai Progressive compilation - Afterhour Trax 25:

Ostinato & Chris Sterio - Evolution (Bynomic, Xiasou & Contribute remix) & Sean McClellan & Chris Sterio - Electronic Adventures (Findike remix) has been licensed to the Another Life Music Summer Vibes 2020 compilation:

In August currently scheduled are:

Chris Sterio - Collaborator - The Remixes - Soundscapes Digital

Raumstadt & Chris Sterio - Mitosynths - Estribo Records

More releases to be confirmed!

Thank you!

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