• Chris Sterio

Update 28/02/2020

Ivan James & Chris Sterio's 'World of Wonder' release on Saturo Sounds has been riding high in the Beatport charts. It reached no. 6 in the deep house releases chart, no. 10 in the progressive house charts & no. 27 in the melodic house & techno charts! Well done to all concerned including the remixers GuyRo & Matt Black.

Chris' latest mix for the Soundscapes Digital Proton Radio show is now available on Soundcloud!

Also Mariion Christian's mix for the SSD Saturo Sounds show is also available:

Chris Sterio & Alex Y's 'Back In Time' track was out this week on Soundscapes Digital and is also available on Bandcamp too, here is the link:

The next release on Chris' Soundscapes Digital label has also been sent out to the SSD promo list. The release is Kenshi Kamaro - Natural Life EP and features some excellent progressive & breaks tracks...

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