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Isle of Man's Chris Sterio has been a prominent member of the progressive scene since 2000. His Source of Gravity and Soundscapes Digital projects have seen well over 100 releases via various labels and sub labels. DJ work and radio broadcasts across every continent have spread his name further, alongside a large body of production work. His journey in music has led to him playing gigs in cities such as San Francisco, London, Athens, Manchester, Lisbon, Glasgow, Tampa Bay, Charlotte & Bristol. Backing for Source of Gravity/Soundscapes Digital releases from all the main DJs has been evident with Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Nick Warren and Dave Seaman in particular supporting Source of Gravity/Chris Sterio/Soundscapes Digital releases. 

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His labels & productions have received airplay on Radio 1 UK, at Creamfields, Tribal Gathering, Burning Man & Cafe Mambo. Notable DJ gigs have been at Heaven London, Dry Bar Manchester, Middlesbrough Arena, The Phoenix Manchester, Plas Soda Athens, as well as across the US, UK and Europe. Chris has also completed studio work and received DJ support from several artists who have had top 10 chart hits in the UK. The BBC have also run several features on Chris' work and projects.

His current project Soundscapes Digital, distributed via Proton Soundsystem, was launched in the fall of 2013. The Soundscapes Digital era has spawned several other mini projects, with the likes of Global Soundscapes, Peak Atmospherics, Source 15 & Locations spreading his atmospheric sound further. Chris has also embarked on numerous production collaborations in recent times, as well as recording mixes for various podcasts and radio stations, not to mention some DJ appearances in the USA and his native Isle of Man. His mixes have been placed regularly in the Proton Radio Top 100 mixes, with several reaching the top 5 of the chart.


Despite changes in the global scene, 2021 saw Chris having plenty of releases on his label, as well as new original music and DJ compilations out on imprints based in USA, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland & UK. He also made more live appearances via the Isle of Man based Deep South Festival, which promotes local mental health awareness, as well as running events featuring international and local musical talent. 2022 saw Chris as a weekly resident on Sounds & Frequencies Radio, based in Argentina. A weekly mix aired at 8pm every Friday from April to November. 2023 was a big success with the 10th year of his Soundscapes Digital project, several new collaborations, mix compliations and released, as well as a trip to the US in Easter 2023. There were also several editions of his legendary Deep South Port Erin Beach Sessions DJ sets. There was also the return of the Source of Gravity artist project. 2024 has started well with 'Synchronicity', his collaboration with Nalon, getting lots of DJ support. The end of the February will see the release of his 'Collaborator - Retro Edition' album and the latest episode of his Peak Atmospherics mix compilation series. Chris is also now available for bookings via the Moonlanding Club booking agency.

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